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Shoppers are always searching —help them find your products faster with visual AI search.

AI-powered Smart Visual Search unlocks more revenue by allowing high-intent customers to shop and convert instantly with our industry-leading 99% accurate image search.


CVR increase


Engagement Rate



Allow your customers to quickly search for products at any point of their journey, with any images, and get actionable insights from their search queries.

Enable visual AI search from anywhere

Wherever and whenever inspiration starts, Visual AI Search turns inspiration into instant gratification.

Allow your customers to use visual searches on your app, mobile/desktop sites, chatbots and more.

Let customers search from:

  • Website search bars
  • Apps
  • In-store products
  • Chatbot interactions
Visual AI Search
Personalized Search

Unlock accurate searches with anything

Shoppers don’t always have the right words for what they’re looking for. Intuitive visual search tools support faster, more accurate product discovery.

Let customers search with:

  • Uploaded or saved images
  • Social media posts
  • Screenshots
  • Taking a photos

Learn from search data and understand what customers want

ViSenze allows retailers to understand what customers are looking for and how they engage with the results.

Analyze searches at the attribute level for deeper trends and insights. Understand which queries and results are driving sales. Compare popular site search queries against your product catalog.

Personalized Search

Grow your CVR and AOV even more

Spark inspiration and guide shoppers toward purchases they would have never organically discovered. Use Smart Recommendations to show even more of your catalog to customers.

Visual AI Search

Turn the hottest trends into shoppable options your customers can choose from.

Visual AI Search

Promote revenue-generating product categories that get less organic traffic.

Visual AI Search

Delight customers with personalized product discovery experiences.

Personalized Search


Increase in engagement


Increase in AOV

Measure the impact on key business metrics

ViSenze enabled Zalora to craft a seamless search and discovery experience, which resulted in a higher engagement rate of more than 10% and increased the average order value by 15%.

Enable a smarter search experience with the ViSenze Discovery Suite


AI-powered product search represents untapped potential for brands looking to get discovered. 

Find out more about Smart Search and the ViSenze Discovery Suite.

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